So you know how I mention the fun bus from time to time yuh? It’s our family van that we use for “adventuring”…the large boot space means we can pack in all the toys we need for a day out…bicycles, prams,  motorbikes or picnic baskets etc…and of course the kids. I must admit I wasn’t all that crazy about it at first….the brakes were so sharp I felt like my body had this Tourette-like reaction every time I wanted to slow down. And it wasn’t just me – My dad drove it the other day with the whole family piled up in the back and it was classic, he hit the brakes and we’d all do a Tourette-like jerk in the same direction and then 30 seconds later he’d forget how sharp the brakes were and do it again, and then 2 seconds later again. Passersby might have thought we were a weird family head banging in symphony to some heavy metal.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, so it was jerky and then on top of that it was a delivery vehicle. I mean dah-ling! Dah-ling! A Delivery vehicle! My ego fairy wasn’t exactly whipping out her ubercoolness-approval stamp. BUT THEN, then, just like an innocent little freckle, it grew on me! And the boys LOVED riding in it and playing in it and it just took on this persona of adventure and carefreeness and well..I fell in love with it….so much so that I made this for Jem (from the boys) for Fathers Day..hee hee!


And then, well….it went from an innocent little freckle-like van, you know, just unassuming…

to this…


It got pimped.


Yes it did.

I like it.

In a sick way.

In a sick cool way.

Its sick.

Sick hot cool.

And our weekend has just started.


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