Who would have thought that an hours outing to Shongweni Dam could be so much fun? On a Friday afternoon nogal! That’s the beauty of these mini adventures, they’re usually quite spontaneous…Late Friday afternoon, (tea in flasks in tow) we headed out in the fun bus for “something scenic”…


Shongweni has the most beautiful sunsets!! The water in the foreground, the sun on its way down and the hills in the background make for perfect silhouettes…kinda like this one:


And then we found the sand and that’s when we started building a up a sweat. First Tom Tom was jumping, then me and Tom, then Jem jumping over Toms head, then Tom jumping on Jem, then WooWoo trying to jump (bless) and well..there was just a lot of jumping going on. So Simple! IQFT (Inexpensive Quality Family Time) :)



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