I can’t believe Tom has been around for 2 years already. Sometimes he seems so big and other times so small. Either way he’s just a bundle of squishy wishy pie cuteness at the moment.

This year I thought we’d fly the little guy to the moon with a Rockets and Robots party. Brace yourself, there are photos a-plenty below!

(Mands! This is for you!)

Take note of the Rocket backpack…how cute? This is why I love Pinterest. Hee.

The tominator eyeing out some more cake pops…

That would be these!

And these yummy yummy yummy Robopops.

Whats a party without your best buddy?! Wingman Willinator.

Hershey Kisses Choccies. Very very dangerous. Very.


The most beautiful rocket birthday cake not made by me. Outsourced all the way!! Hee Hee!

Tom Tom could not wait to dig in…as you can see! (Gabriella already taking the Astros off the side heh heh!)

BOO! Big Will trying to be scary!

The token healthy plate of eats at a toddler’s party :)

Rocket playdough favours for the little astronauts to take home. Playdough handmade by moi! Yes! Cooked, Rolled and Wrapped baby! Cooked, rolled and wrapped!

Remember these retro sherbert sweets? I couldn’t resist.



And what’s a party without a few girlfriends??



And how adorable are these little space babes below? Tell me you’re not feeling broody right now?
Mikey looking over the moon…excuse the pun moohah hah hah!! The subtext of this look is actually:
“Pass me one of those RoboPops now or I keeeeeel you!”


Thank-you everybody for trekking out in miserable weather to Akimbo to celebrate with us. Such special peoples!


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