So what’s been happening in the Sanders’ hood?

Flip I’m craving concrete. The smell of it. Haven’t ever tasted it but I’m sure that must be nice too.

Let’s start with this tummy of mine. My belly button couldn’t stick its neck out anymore if it tried. Shame, poor thing, it’s got nowhere to go. I’m walking like a real pregnant lady, the swaddle, the slightly arched back, the short steps. Then there’s that “eeeh” sound when I try and sit down onto the couch and the “mmmph” sound when I try and get up again. It’s pathetic.

Sometimes Jeremy makes these noises too….confusing..and weird at the same time.

We both had a month off work over December and besides entertaining the Tominator every day, we’ve been nesting and getting ready for the arrival of  Tominator 2 or Tammynator 1.

Jems been doing man-nesting stuff like finding things to make which require the purchase of a new power tool. I’ve been doing pregnant-women-nesting things like sorting out the sock drawer and console drawer and just any drawer really. Nesting does that to you, its not just about getting baby things together it’s about sorting. It’s that uncontrollable urge to put all keys into a tin just for keys and spare keyrings into a tin just for spare keyrings. It’s the urge to throw out kitsch-smelling shower gels and clean out the spice drawer. All very urgent, very important tasks. In fact it almost verges on OCD and at times feels worthy of medication, especially considering the degree of joy all the sorting does for me… The good news is that once the baby is out, the sorting urge subsides quite significantly and thereafter you couldn’t really care if spare keyrings have a home or not.
Less than 3 weeks to go. We’re in countdown mode and I’m ready to puuuush! Like a serene, calm and confident angel that is :)

Have you had a look at my Etsy shop? – yes I started an Etsy shop as part of Limelight and it’s doing way better than I ever expected…it sells digital paper and clipart sets – take a look -


P.P.S Did I mention I discovered Pinterest? It’s in the leagues of Etsy. It’s a visual pinboard of ideas… this is my page –


P.P.P.S Thomas is a-talking! His little 15-month old world consists of these big words:







All gone







Deh (as in there)

Mah (as in meow)

Hoohoooohoo (as in what does the Dog say Tom?)

Owa (as in flower)

Noo-Nooo-Nooo (as in no)

Oh-no-no-no-no (as in no I don’t think so buddy)



Toodles until next time…the Nesquick is calling me.


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