Have I been busy lately! But isn’t everyone always “busy”? It’s a national sport – whether you’re busy doing something or busy doing nothing, everybody is always busy. I’ve definitely been busy doing something though.

For the last 8 months we’ve been working on converting our Wedding Directory website into a dynamic site which means more functionality for our brides and easier management for us.

It took me about 2 months just to write the brief which was more like a thesis in the end. But I like being comprehensive, in fact I can’t help it, it’s one of my obsessive compulsive quirks when it comes to projects. So after all these months, we finally have our precious site looking all sparkly and fresh. Have a look at www.TheWeddingDirectory.co.za

Isn’t it perrrdi? It was a huge team effort but when you’ve got a good team and good developers, then it makes it so much easier, know what I’m saying, aight? Aight!

And then in the midst of all that, we’re doing alterations to the house which means running around getting quotes and painting rooms and cleaning up cat footprints which have been coated in cement. It’s really exciting seeing it all come together though.

And then…we have to make time for the soccer of course. A cup of tea at 8.30pm just wouldn’t be the same without Jabulani and a few yellow cards. Thanks goodness the Tour de France is on now as well because soccer withdrawal symptoms are bound to set in soon.

And congratulations are in order for one of the team. Kerry is pregnant too! Yes, be warned if you come and work at Limelight Websites…the pregnancy bug has taken siege and top buttons are shooting off left, right and centre. They certainly are not falling off due to the 10 varieties of sweets we have in the office.

And that’s all I can report for this week…need to get back to work now….

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