I usually scan my favourite blogs before I can put finger to keyboard. Especially on a  Monday. Not easy getting into the swing of things after a weekend. Particularly when it’s overcast and my brain is rebelling against the thought of mental work.

So I went to SA Rocks and saw this inspiring post. Love reading positive news like this. Love it, love it, love it!

Especially on a Monday.

Ok, it goes like this (press release):

Consider for a moment what you’re able to buy with R120. Perhaps a new T-shirt to add to the many in your cupboard, or a light lunch and cappuccino in a trendy restaurant?

Now, consider what R120 might mean for someone who has not worked for a week and has nothing else in their wallet. It may buy his family’s groceries or cover the costs of a year’s pre-school education.

True. So what is this all about?

‘Make South Africa Work’ is a campaign initiated by Men on the Side of the Road (MSR) to raise awareness about the need to create jobs and to encourage people to seize the initiative.

“MSR have declared the month of May the ‘Make South Africa Work Month’. We want to increase awareness of the plight of unemployed people and more importantly, to suggest ways you and I can help create jobs,” said Peter Kratz, National Director of MSR.”

What do they want from us?

“We want South Africans to realize that it is possible for them to create work. In the month of May we want those who can to create a job for a day, a week, a month, or even permanently. Short term jobs can be created by hiring a MSR member to sort out all those DIY chores you’ve been putting off since last year, like clipping your overgrown hedge, cleaning out your garage or giving that tatty old fence a coat of paint,” said Kratz.

Groups of friends could hire workers to help them clean up their street or local park. Working together we can all make South Africa Work.

How do we go about doing this?

MSR makes it easy for you to hire a worker with their organised pick-up points and database of skilled and recommended labourers at a minimum wage of R120 for eight hours of work.

Kratz said: “Why not create meaningful employment for someone, spend a R120 in a way that empowers them and helps you too.”

0861 WORKER (0861 967537)
email: info@employmen.co.za

Now we can read this, think it’s a great idea and move on to the next very important thing on our very important agenda, or we can put word to deed and be a part of the much-needed change in this country.

Ref: sarocks.co.za

PS. Thanks Nic for being so passionate about this country. It only takes a tiny flame to get a fire going.

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