Dudes and Dudettes, it’s nearly Christmas time! It’s time for Christmas trees, fruit cake and crackers but it’s also time for giving. Now hang on a minute before you go anywhere – we’re not asking you to donate anything, well you can if you like, but we’re going to ask you to do something else instead…

My friend Christopher of iMod fame, is giving you a challenge to which he will donate R2.00 for every person that takes part, to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. But wait, there’s more (sorry, thats sounds so “Verimark”!) …Beverley Merriman of FeistyFemale will then match Chris’s donation. That’s means a total of R2000! :)

So this is the challenge and I’m going to list it step-by-step for you to make it real easy!

1.      Create a Twitter profile if you haven’t got one already.

2.      Upload /change your profile picture to one that has you with a Christmas hat on. (like our Phuthu pot below)

3.       Then you need to tweet this message – by clicking here

4.      Are you still with me? Then you need to go here and leave a comment with your twitter name. That would be something like @yournamehere.

5.      There you go you just donated 4 bucks. Help a friend to donate 4 bucks too.


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