Ok, we lost. No biggie, it happens to the best of us. Breathe Kerry, breathe!

We just need to make sure that we get one more point next weekend against the All Blacks. Whether that point comes in a form of a victory or a losing bonus point we’ll take it. Receiving the losing bonus point entails the Bokke preventing New Zealand from scoring four tries during the game and making sure they themselves finish within seven points. But even if the All Blacks do win by a large margin, don’t forget they still have to repeat this process again in their final match against the Wallabies in order to snatch the title.

But all this talk is negative talk, so I am going to think more positively. Of course we are going to win and of course we are going to win convincingly! The 21-6 defeat I think has just thrown everybody a bit. What, from winning all our games spectacularly so far, to being outplayed and outmaneuvered by a passionate Aussie side. They did deserve to win, they simply played a better game than us. So I will be a good sport and not start pointing fingers at certain bad refereeing decisions. Although I would love to.

Well done to the Wallabies for playing an inspiring game and good luck to the Bokke, kick some All Black a@# on Saturday, we all know you can!

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