It seems as if food prices went haywire overnight. South Africans, as with the rest of the world, are definitely feeling the food inflation pinch. We need a mindset change and a serious attitude adjustment. I’m including myself in this – I’m waving my favourite cous-cous dish farewell for now! Most of us are used to the good life which means good food. This is where the mindset change comes in, we can still enjoy good food, we just need to be less fussy and creative in the way we go about it.

Phuthu’s low-budget meal suggestions

  • Cottage pie
  • Beans on toast
  • Stuffed potatoes
  • Stews
  • Butternut, bean, potato & leek or vegetable soup (big quantities to freeze)
  • Spaghetti Bolognaise
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Pap with a tomato and onion mix served with boerewors, mince or beef
  • Chicken curry, chicken casserole or chicken stirfry
  • Lentil stew
  • Tuna or Pilchards bake or a tuna and pasta salad
  • Curry in a Hurry (mince and tinned curry veggies) on bread / rice or as a bunny chow

Save this way:

  • Use a cheaper brand of rice or replace rice with samp, maize rice, pap or 2 minute noodles
  • Stretch your meals such as stews, stir fries and curries with a lot of cheap veggies
  • Always compare no-name brands to the original brands
  • Use Chuck meat in your soups and stews
  • Coleslaw makes for a nice and cheap side dish
  • Buy your fresh produce from a market or from Fruit and Veg City
  • Seasonal foods are always cheaper
  • Halve your meat and add soya, this way you still get the meat taste but it’s much cheaper

South Africans have such an amazing ability to adjust and unite – we can do this. Yes, we can! 

If you have some good money saving meal tips, please share them with us!

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