Over 9000 South Africans abroad take to the voting stations today to make their mark for our next South African president. This was after the Independent Electoral Commission approved the applications of over 16300 expats living abroad to vote. This right didn’t come easy to those living overseas but due to much persistence from South Africans and naming Willem Richer as one, South Africans are now granted the right to have their say.

Today, the 15th April 2009, the IEC confirmed that 7460 voters will be from London, 1228 from Canberra and 889 from Dubai.
It is unfortunate that while they are making their mark consulates and embassies situated in, Perth, Sydney and Auckland will not have this privilege as the distance to the surrounding towns where many South Africans are located plays a big part. As well as the fact that places such as these only have honorary consulates and not fully accredited South African consulates.

Nonetheless, the fact that South Africans that live abroad are  now able to vote, will without a doubt have an impact on the results of the 2009 South African elections.

Ref: www.southafricantimes.co.uk


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