South Africa offers many small towns where often you can buy a house for a bargain. South Africans are very family orientated so pitching a tent in their parents’ back garden once they are happily married would be a definite option, sometimes it’s the only affordable option!

They shouldn’t feel that they are not Welkom anywhere else in SA but they should consider that they may make an Aasfontein out of themselves if they make the wrong move especially if it’s just because they find a Poffadder in the garden. As long as there is a lot of Saamwerk in the community, it should be a good sign that they have not made a mistake. You will definitely have an Amajola once there is plenty of Stinkwater being served. There is also the other option of moving to Stoffelshoek where you might have all the Oranje sunsets that you could wish for, the only problem may be that no one may find you there!

Happy House Hunting!


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