One of the most enjoyable experiences of visiting any country, is sampling the food.  South Africa will certainly tantalize the taste buds in this regard. South Africa has the diversity of a youth hostel in Thailand which stretches from the spices in the Far East to the fine flavours of France. We do however offer many traditional gastronomic delights.

If it is a mixed concoction of cheese and slap chips that you are after, Johnnies Rotties is the place for you to go. This popular snack shop in Durban, serves brick sized portions of chips and cheese all wrapped in a type of tortilla bread only softer. You might be scared by the venue but the food definitely hits the spot. They are also well known for their bunny chows, which for the ill informed is half a loaf of bread with the inside taken out, replaced by a curry of any sort, delicious!

For those that don’t fancy too much spice, a braai is a perfect way for you to hang out with friends and enjoy what South African’s consider “traditional”. Out comes the Windhoek or Black Label beer along with either the Boerewors, Beerbread, Paptert and the good old salad. A Potjie is another very South African dish and can take on many varieties – a  definite must have if you find this on a restaurant menu!

South Africa also has a sweet tooth. Our traditional Koeksisters are a must in every household along with Melktert and Peppermint Crisp Pudding. All of these are great treats for tea parties or after dinner sweets.  If you are the type of person that prefers take away to home cooked meals why not try one of our proudly South African Nando’s Chicken Burgers.

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