What is a Phuthu Punter (PP)?

  • A Phuthu Punter punts positivity in SA permanently! Sjoe!
  • A Phuthu Punter is passionate about South Africa, its people, its culture, its diversity.
  • Phuthu Punters tell their friends what a wonderful country South Africa is, that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. They help to spread the happy news!
  • Phuthu Punters believe that South Africa provides a wealth of opportunity.
  • Phuthu Punters love living in South Africa.
  • Phuthu Punters appreciate the scope of what South Africa offers, in terms of places to see and things to experience.

How do I become a Phuthu Punter?

This is super easy!

  • Defend South Africa, encourage positivity amongst your friends, family and even strangers!
  • Join our facebook group and invite your friends to join.
  • Send stories to us. If you know of anyone that left South Africa for greener pastures and returned because they missed SA then let us know about it! If you have any other inspiring, positive stories or thoughts, send them to us so we can check it out!
  • Tell friends and family to get inspired by visiting www.phuthu.co.za.
  • Subscribe to our Local is Lekker Phuthu Punter newsletter.
  • Add the following image to your email signature and link to http://www.phuthu.co.za.


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